Ensuring a Quality Out-of-Box Experience

Ensuring a Quality Out-of-Box Experience

Date : 06/22/2001

Six months. That’s how long Toro commercial equipment products are sometimes stored outdoors after being shipped to a distributor. The stored units, housed in crates, require protection from the sun, rain, dust wind and humid temperatures in order to provide their distributors a quality out-of-box experience.

In the past, Bloomington, Minn.-based Toro would use cascaded wax boxes, which offered protection, but weren’t environmentally friendly. So, Toro recently looked to Liberty Diversified Industries, Minneapolis, for an alternative packing solution.

In response, LDI’s Northern Package division began making boxes with a barrier coating that was applied on the printing press. Although this coating was more friendly to the environment, it caused wear and tear on box-making equipment and increased downtime.

Northern turned to LDI’s Becker, Minn.-based paper mill, Liberty Paper, Inc., to develop and refine a process for creating a water-repellant corrugated box in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

LDI created boxes for Toro featuring a new linerboard with an internal moisture barrier called M-Guard Moisture Barrier Liner. Made by a patent-pending process, M-Guard is 100-percent recycled linerboard that contains a moisture barrier chemical, an internal bond, created during the papermaking process to lock moisture out. In addition, unlike wax-coated boxes, M-Guard boxes could also be recycled into new boxes or placed in industrial compost.

An added bonus to the M-Guard boxes is that Toro can print its logo, regulatory information and instructions for crate assembly on the outside of the sleeve. The printing option is not feasible when enclosing the product in a polyethylene bag and building a traditional wooden crate around the product.

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